The last leg, almost home

The last leg, almost home
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Slept really well and woke about 7:30. Yikes, still needed to finish packing and catch the shuttle at 8am to the airport. Hopped in the shower but no water, no hot, no cold, nothing! Decided not to bother calling reception and just packed up and headed downstairs to check out. We mentioned the lack of water and apparently it is the hotel policy to refund if you don’t get a decent nights sleep/stay so they arranged a refund for us. Still managed to make the shuttle on time, and only a short ride to the airport.

Found the checkin desk for our flight (no business class seats left, boohoo!) and went in through passport control and up to the business class lounge. Relaxed over breakfast, brushed our teeth etc then lined up at the gate there for our flight. Still not sure if we should have done it this way or just gone down to the normal gate and joined the silver queue. But we got on the plane, found our seats and still enough room in overhead lockers for our 2 bags plus the large vase (lovingly referred to as the baby).

Chatted to the lady next to me, flight was uneventful, lunch/dinner then pizza snack then breakfast. Watched about 5 movies I think. Also read a k of my ebook. Landed on time 6:30am in Brisbane, got through customs and called Alanna who drove us home.



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